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Reiki or Message Therapy

Choose between Reiki and Massage Therapy

Reiki and massage therapy are basically techniques of releasing stress and pain both mentally and physically. Both of these techniques are designed to give relaxation and to improve your well-being. Although desired results of both Reiki and massage are similar but their method is completely different. In order to determine which method would best suit your needs, you would need to have a detailed look at their processes and benefits. Knowledge about both techniques would enable you to choose the healing process that is most effective treatment for your condition and specific needs.

What is Reiki Therapy?

Reiki is a Japanese term which means universal or spiritual life force energy. Reiki Therapy is a technique based on energy healing method. The process of Reiki involves manipulation of energy of a human body with touch or through long distances. A living being has unseen life force energy flowing through his body and if that energy goes low; you may feel stressed or sick. Reiki therapy is performed to improve flow of that energy for relieving stress, promoting relaxation, reducing pain and improving well-being. Reiki gives your body a powerful spiritual experience that makes you feel healthier and happier.

Benefits of Reiki Therapy

Reiki session offers a wide range of benefits provided you remain comfortable throughout the session. Thus before choosing a Reiki session, it is important to make sure that you are comfortable with the person offering you this therapy. This is also essential because this practice is not regulated and limited research have been carried out on Reiki energy therapy. Reiki is a self-improvement and healing technique that is natural, safe and is really simple to use. Here are some of the major benefits that one can reap from this treatment.

  • It promotes relaxation and relieves tensions and pains from your body and mind.

  • It enhances your ability to recover and self-heal.

  • It reduces blood pressure.

  • It improves your sleeping routine.

  • It releases tensed muscles and any blockages for energy flow.

  • It enhances harmony and balance.

  • It improves your immune system.

  • It enhances detoxification process.

  • It proves helpful in healing injuries and with chronic addictions and problems.

  • It aids in physical, spiritual, emotional and mental growth.

  • It improves condition of those suffering from depression and anxiety.

  • Over long run, it helps you gain positive outlook towards life.

  • The best part is that you can use this therapy in connection with other treatments. It would promote recovery and would help in relieving side effects of medical/therapeutic treatments. Effects of other treatments are reinforced with Reiki.

What conditions should use Reiki Therapy?

Reiki is a relaxing and strengthening technique that helps in managing varied stressful symptoms of your body. Different conditions can be treated with the use of this therapy and thus it could be used for a variety of purposes related to human physical and mental well-being.

Anyone can use this healing tool at any time or place and it will give quick energy gain, relief from stress and pain. It also proves good for people on heavy medications and it would support in reducing side-effects of these medicines. Especially recommended as one of the best therapies for recovery post-surgery or injury.

Comparison between Reiki and Massage Therapy:

Although the methods are different but practically there are some things in common too between Reiki and massage therapy:


  • Both the therapies complement each other to give relaxing and stress-relieving effects for human body.

  • Both the therapies enhances flow of energy to heal human body.

  • Both Reiki and massage therapy is effectively performed using a massage table.

  • Both improves flow of nutrients in body and helps body in detoxification.

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